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Empress by Emicia

Healing: Naomi (2.5"x3") Holographic Sticker

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This second piece in the healing series highlights the second stage of the healing journey, which is the preparation for a transformation. The insects in the piece are messengers. The caterpillar represents the initial space we're in, where we are beautiful as is, but recognize we have a greater potential. The butterfly that lies within us waits on the other side (shoulder) of the journey. To become butterflies, caterpillars go into cocoons, but humans don't have that luxury when transforming. What takes us to the other side is dedication, devotion, meditation and prayer. The praying mantis, as well as the maranta (prayer plant) leaves, symbolize this. Naomi is here offered as a holographic sticker printed in durable vinyl, which protects the sticker from sunlight, scratches and water damage.