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Empress by Emicia

Picnic Vibes: Nanny (11" x 14") Large Print

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Gorgeous shades of rich lavender cast a regal sunset in this second (digital) painting of this series. Our beautiful Afro-Caribbean empresses are having a relaxing day with an extraordinary vibe! They have delicious foods to feast on, including Haitian black rice, curry chicken, plantains and chicken patties for starters. The revolutionary pictured at the center of this scene (in the locket) is Nanny of the Maroons, a brave Jamaican woman who led a powerful group of formerly enslaved Africans in the first Maroon war, in protest of slavery. The empresses vibe out to music played on their sea green boombox, and eat to their hearts content while flipping through their "Empress" magazines. Nanny is here displayed on the largest paper print that we carry. This 11"x14" size is printed on semi-gloss 100lb cover stock paper that is thick enough to stand on its own, but still thin enough to frame.