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Empress by Emicia

Healing: Sheba (2.5"x3") Holographic Sticker

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The first piece of this series highlights the first stage of the healing journey, which is the realization that healing needs to take place. The birds in the piece are messengers. The lilac-breasted roller symbolizes hard work in its culture for its unique hunting style. Parakeets are renowned for their strong ability to communicate. Bluebirds symbolize good news on the horizon. The name Sheba means “daughter of a promise”. While healing, it is important to remember the promise over your life. And as you are working towards wholeness, remember the importance of hard work, healthy communication and the promise that good things are on the way. Sheba is here offered as a holographic sticker printed in durable vinyl, which protects the sticker from sunlight, scratches and water damage.